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We Are All Disordered!
 I say we are all disordered to help normalize feelings like depression and anxiety and the behaviors we employ to cope.  There is no one on the planet immune to these universal human conditions.  You are not alone!
I have worked in the mental health field for the past fourteen years in education and advocacy.  It's not easy to get the help needed for mental health problems due to a complex and often broken system. Additional the stigma associated with mental health is powerful and keeps individuals from seeking help for themselves and family.  There is no shame in getting treatment for diabetes or heart disease...why is taking care of our depression, anxiety, PTSD viewed differently?
Real wellness should include treatments for our mind, body and spirit.  
I have worked with clients who believed they were weak or crazy for experiencing a crisis.  Instead they came to view their feelings as part of the human experience...meaning they were having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.  Think about how much more compassionate that message is. 
Feelings are neither good nor bad...they just are.  When wondering whether or not you or your family needs counseling, I would suggest asking yourself the following question: How impactful is this struggle to your daily life?  If the answer is "very" then seeking additional support could be helpful.
We often spend a great deal of time and energy feeling unfulfilled and stuck.  Therapy can be a great way to talk through those challenges with a trained, non-judgemental listener to find new ways and sometimes healthier ways to cope.  The greatest gift of therapy can be having a better understanding of yourself....what you need and want to feel more fullfilled in your life.
Like Irvin Yalom in the quote below, I too think of myself as a "Fellow Traveler" in the counseling process.  I am not here to fix you... you are not broken. You are always the expert when it comes to what you need.    I am here to support, observe, and share tools to help you work towards your counseling goals.  We will walk together in that journey.

"I prefer to think of my patients and myself as fellow travelers, a term that abolishes distinctions between 'them' (the afflicted) and 'us' (the healers). ... We are all in this together, and there is no therapist and no person immune to the inherent tragedies of existence." 
                                                                                                          - Irvin Yalom
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